French holiday rental: getting to grips with the garden

They say that when you inherit a new garden you should watch it for a year before you make any decisions about what you want to change, and this gem of advise is even more important when you move to another country with a completely different climate.


I must admit the garden at Bijou has been an absolute joy to watch unfold as the seasons progress.  Some of the plants look familiar with the only difference being that they grow more quickly over here due to the warmer climate.  However, there are other plants that are completely new such as the massive fig tree in the garden.  I love figs so can’t wait until they are ripe.


I do like flowers like the jasmin hedge beside the pool where the beautiful buds give off the most wonderful perfume filling the air on a warm summers evening.



However, for me, there is nothing more satisfying than growing things you can eat.  Just walking out of the kitchen and into the garden to pick that key ingredient and add it to your recipe is a very satisfying feeling.  As I walk around the garden each separate area has a culinary secret waiting to be picked and utilised.


The vine covered terrace with its grapes already forming – we have a wonderful recipe for pickled grapes which are a lovely alternative accompaniment to serve with cheese.

Nestled amongst a flower filled boarder is a clump of sage which, is a fragrant addition to a mushroom and pine nut mixture to stuff pork filet wrapped in Serrano ham.


Then moving along there is a mountain of mint – Lamb? I hear you say – not at all – Mojitos is what we say.  Cheers!

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