Montcuq – the French village that has it all

When people are looking for a holiday destination, they usually want it to be within walking distance of a boulangerie , bar or restaurant or ideally all of the above.  But sometimes it is better to be within driving distance of somewhere that has more choice which were our thoughts when we first moved to the area.  Montcuq is not our closest village but it is the place we seem to gravitate to as it has the hustle and bustle of somewhere much larger whilst retaining the intimacy of a much smaller place.

It’s a lovely village where the old part, steeped in history, is perched on top of the hill and the newer facilities have spilled down towards the base allowing you to benefit from having the best of both worlds.  There is a garage, supermarket which is open on a Sunday morning in the summer and also sells very competitively priced fuel.  Drive along a bit further and you will find a DIY place and garden centre.
However, it is the old village that has the biggest draw because it has everything you would expect and more.  There is a thriving tourist info, a shop selling produce of the area, a pharmacie, hairdresser, several boulangeries and charcuteries not to mention the great Sunday market which brings out the tourists and locals alike.


Montcuq isn’t just a place for people to visit, it has a great community and there are plenty of things happening all year round.  No village. would be complete without its share of bars and restaurants and considering it s size, Montcuq has plenty of choice.  There is a pizzeria, a bar restaurant called the Cafe du Centre and a restaurant called the Cafe de France all with outdoor terraces overlooking the village centre.  It’s a lovely place to be as the sun goes down and the outdoor lights cast a wonderful hue over the busy terraces filled with people enjoying the merriment.


The Cafe de France is our favourite offering a wonderful selection of food and wine.  Local delicacies are combined with dishes offering a more international flavour to create a very well balanced and reasonably priced menu served in a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you choose the local goats cheese drizzled with honey followed by a Thai yellow curry of scallops and prawns or opt for a carpaccio of salmon and then the piece de Boucher with a pepper sauce you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert or cheese then you can watch the world go by as you allow it all to digest.

Montcuq is a very special place that provides so many with so much – we are very lucky to have it on our doorstep to enjoy.  If you are ever in the area it is well worth a visit.


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