Autumn has arrived in France and it’s pretty hot!

Normally when I have experienced Autumn in the UK, the colours are stunning but usually viewed through, fog and rain whilst enrobed in serious winter wear to combat the cold and damp. Imagine my surprise when I learn that this time of year in France offers a completely different experience.


I can’t believe it is the 6 November and it is so warm! It is an absolute joy to watch the beauty of Autumn in temperatures more associated with a hot UK Summer.  We are not only enjoying  the trees but also the vines as they turn from green to red, orange and yellow – their vibrancy emphasised by the sunlight and warmth.


It seems almost bizarre that we are still eating beautiful salads at lunchtime sitting alfresco and dressed in shorts and t shirts.  Normally I would be enjoying winter vegetables such as pumpkin in a hearty soup but here, I find myself lightly roasting them with a sprinkling of cayenne pepper then serving them on a selection of lettuce drizzled with rosemary and garlic infused olive oil.  It really feels very Mediterranean here which is lovely.


I know the weather will change but for the moment I am happy to enjoy this wonderful climate and the enjoyment it brings.


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