Holiday rental in France – read all about it!

I can’t imagine that we will have our name in lights anytime soon, but this week we experienced something pretty special – well special enough until we have our name in lights. We had an article we wrote published in French Property News magazine and it felt great!


It felt great for two reasons – firstly there is something very satisfying about reading something you have experienced and then written about, printed in a magazine and secondly, but probably just as important, is that what you have written reminds you of everything you have previously experienced.
French Property News is a great magazine, as it brilliantly combines serious subjects such as tax advice,  changes in legislation and the health system with information about the many varied and beautiful regions of this wonderful country, punctuated with inspirational real life stories from ordinary people who have chosen to make the move to France.


For us, it has been an incredible year – finding and buying a house in France, sourcing a French car, finding a yacht, setting up a holiday rental business, starting life in a new country and finally the last part of the to do list, sailing the yacht a thousand miles from Northumberland to the south west coast of France just north of Bordeaux.
When I think back, it feels like a dream – hard to believe that we have done so much in a year and harder still trying to decide how we top what we have done – how can we possibly make next year better and more exciting than this year? ┬áThe answer is we don’t know – but rest assured, we will give it our best shot.
Hope you like it!

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