Holiday Rental in France: Top 5 tips about what to look for


Usually, the summer holiday is the longest amount of time we take off from the stresses and strains of our day to day lives, so that break is very important.  
There are so many holiday rentals online that you could spend the whole year searching for your perfect retreat.  If you refine your criteria from the outset, you will be able to search less to find the right place for you. Then all you need to do is start to look forward to your summer holiday in 2016.
Here are a few things to think about which might help you decide on what is important for you, as you embark on the search for your holiday rental in the South of France.


Decide on your location

The South of France is a big place so think about where you would like to be.  It may not be a specific place but you might want to be near a quaint hilltop town or close to a good local market.  Perhaps being close to a river or lake is important to you, or links to airports and train stations.



Many people like to have their own pool in which to cool off or relax beside on those warm summer days, so find out as much about it as possible.  How big is it? How deep? What safety measures are in place?  Sometimes a pool is advertised as private, but in reality that can just mean that it is not open to the public.  You might end up sharing it with other families in the same area or the owners of the holiday rental.  Always ask the question and get confirmation that the pool is for your sole use.


Experience something different from the property

When you go on holiday, it is often important to experience something unique and different about the holiday home you are going to rent.  Perhaps you want something that is old with some history, a place that is quintessentially French, or maybe you are looking for a modern retreat ? What if you could have a mix of all those things, would that be the perfect solution ?  Think about what you want to experience from your holiday in France, so that you can keep this in mind when you are conducting your search.


Don’t miss out on the mod cons 

Find out what modern appliances will be available to make your stay more comfortable.  Is there wifi, tv and music available.  What about the cooker, BBQ, dishwasher and yes the washing machine.  What is the fridge like?  Remember your food will last longer if it is kept refrigerated and of course your drinks will be all the more refreshing if they can be served chilled.

What is included in the price

Make sure that you know exactly what is included in the price as the little add-ons such as cleaning, linen, towels, wifi all add up.  Don’t forget that there can be other charges such as electricity for the use of a heated pool.  Establish these details from the start so your price comparisons are accurate and there are no surprises when you receive your invoice
So hopefully this information has given you some food for thought and it won’t take long for you to find your perfect holiday in France.

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