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We all know holidays are precious and sometimes finding that perfect destination for your next holiday can be time-consuming. We’ve been working on a little guide to help you make the right decision and learn about what you can expect from a holiday to South West France.

The Occitanie region of South West France is an exceptional place, steeped in history where sleepy hilltop villages mix with the hustle and bustle of market towns and vibrant cities.

Stunning architecture, time-honoured traditions, modern events and delicious gastronomy are all part and parcel of everyday life – that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


So What’s in Our Guide to The Occitanie Region of France?

We love South West France – we live here all the time, so we know how wonderful it can be and why it makes a brilliant holiday destination.  


we love south west France


We want to share that insider knowledge with you, so you can get a taste of the place before you even get here!

We’re always thinking of questions you might have before you book a holiday and wanted to cover them in our little guide, which we have divided into six bite-size sections:-


1.  Introduction

More details about what the guide will cover to get you ready for your holiday.


2.  Travelling to South West France 

Planes, trains, boats and cars – it’s all possible but let’s find out what’s going to be best for you.


3.  How to choose your accommodation

Top tips on what to look for when searching for your dream accommodation


4.  Eating out in South West France

Where to go, what to try and the wine….. mmm the wine!


5.  Delve into the magic of South West France

There is so much to see and do in the region – start making a list of your must-dos.


6.  What to expect from your holiday provider

A final few words and hopefully now you have everything you need to create your perfect holiday.



Why Should You Be Interested in Our FREE Pocket Guide to South West France?


Perhaps you’re organising a trip for the whole family, or maybe you’re on the hunt for somewhere special for you and some friends. Imagine how helpful a little guide on the region would be?

If you’ve never been to this part of France, then a few helpful tips could be just what you need to make the planning process quick and easy.

Getting excited about a holiday is all part of the fun, so start looking forward to it right now!


How Do You Get The Guide to Planning Your Perfect Holiday in South West France?



It’s easy – all you have to do is click the button, and you will receive the information straight away.



If you want to know more then, please get in touch as we love to chat


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