Your Best Summer Holiday: Stay Home in the UK or Escape to France

It’s getting to that time of year when decisions about summer getaways are at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  As the nights are getting lighter, the thought of where to go for the best summer holiday becomes very important. 

Where are you going to go and when?  What kind of place are you going to stay in and how will you get there? – lots of decisions to make.

What Do You Look For in a Summer Holiday?

We’re all unique, and so is our dream summer destination.  However, there are several standard must-haves for most people when choosing a holiday.  

  • A place to escape from day to day life

Let’s face it – life can be tedious!  A long list of to-dos, picking up, dropping off, chores, meals and work …… no wonder you want to book a holiday!  These trips can also boost your health even after you return home.

  • Quality time together with friends and family

A holiday is often a rare opportunity for the whole tribe to be together for longer than a few hours.  Think – meals with everyone sitting around the dinner table, a chance to talk about fun stuff, not just problems and solutions.  It’s all about having a laugh and creating memories – that’s what makes the best summer holiday.

  • Opportunity to experience new things

When you take time out and relax, you can start to explore your new surroundings and enjoy new things.  Maybe you want to try canoeing, cooking different recipes, look for that online course you’ve always wanted to do.

  • Somewhere that contrasts with normal life

When you’re on holiday, you get the chance to be somewhere entirely different, the opportunity to live a different life ….. even if it’s just for a short time.  


These criteria all sound so simple, but if you can put them together, you’d be surprised at how the results can be life-changing.  Yes, you’ll return home feeling relaxed and revived after your holiday, but if you choose the right place, then you’ll feel ready to take on so much more when you get home.  That promotion you were after, the new business you wanted to start up, those exams you were n’t sure about ……. the list is endless! 

Staying in the UK – Things to Consider

The U.K is a great place filled with variety, providing an ideal location for a holiday with friends or family.  Whether you want to live it up in the city or find that perfect country retreat – there’s something for everyone. 

Advantages of a holiday in the UK

Well, your chosen destination is rarely as far to travel, which is brilliant for those who don’t like long journeys.  You get to start the holiday straight away, so you make the most of your time, especially if you don’t have lots of holidays to take.

You don’t have to faff about with foreign currencies – it’s much more simple, and you can avoid fluctuations in price due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

The cultures and customs are the same, so no problems with communicating in a different language or eating unusual foods – everything is familiar.

Potential problems of holidays in the UK

Quality accommodation in the UK can be more expensive than the European counterparts, so make sure you shop around for the best you can afford.

 The cost of activities in the UK can mount up especially when the weather is bad, and everyone is searching for alternatives to keep their families occupied. Set a budget aside for those extras, so you don’t get disappointed or shocked by what you have spent.

We all know that UK weather is unpredictable, so always remember to have a plan b for those days when it’s cold or raining.  

Staying in France – What to Think About

France is the most visited country on Earth – sounds incredible doesn’t it?  Well, 89 million tourists can’t be wrong.

Advantages of a holiday in France

The weather is better in France compared with the UK – it’s a fact.  The sunny climate allows for more of an outdoor life in shorts and t-shirts for the whole of your stay.  Of course, it can rain, but the rain is warmer!

Luxury accommodation represents much better value for money in France.  You can stay somewhere where traditional French style combines with contemporary design…. a perfect solution for the best summer holiday.

Many houses come with a private outdoor pool, so less money needs to be set aside for activities.  Imagine having your very own swimming pool for the whole duration of your holiday – what a treat.

The costs of eating and drinking in France are usually much cheaper than in the UK.  So whether you want to enjoy cooking with local produce or savour meals from the many restaurants nearby, you’ll love eating like the French people.  

If you choose the right holiday rental property, then you’ll have the opportunity to live somewhere really different. Think 200 year old barn with all the mod-cons and outdoor terraces galore for those alfresco evenings – what could be better?

When you holiday in a different country, you can Immerse yourself in the French way of life – visit the markets, speak French with the locals and soak up the vibe of a new place.

What to Remember About a Holiday in France

The cost of travel can be higher and take longer – it stands to reason that when you travel further, you’ll pay more.  Try to book your flights earlier to reduce costs and make the journey part of your holiday by breaking up the travel.  The advantage of choosing France is that you can take the car and enjoy much more freedom on more quiet roads.

Currency changes can make the holiday more expensive so look for holiday rentals which offer the option of paying in your currency.  

Sometimes people do have a fear of the language barrier as they worry about not being able to communicate.  However, this rarely happens with all the apps available to translate into just about any language you can think of. There’s nothing to worry about.

How to Find Your Best Holiday Destination

It’s about finding the best place for you, so think about what’s essential for you and your friends or family. That way,  you know what to look for and any compromises you are prepared to make.

Research your options – it sounds simple, but many people don’t do their research and end up settling for something mediocre instead of finding their perfect place.

Check reviews – any holiday rental should be more than happy to tell you about their reviews.  If they don’t have reviews, you need to ask why.

Look at all the costs, so there are no surprises.  Sometimes there are hidden costs such as charges for towels and linen or cleaning at the end of your trip.  Establish what is and isn’t included, so you know exactly where you stand.

Make sure there are plenty of things to do.  If you have particular hobbies or want to do certain things when you are on holiday, then ask the holiday rental owner in advance, so you aren’t disappointed when you get there.

Ready to book a holiday at Bijou Barn?

Do you want to book your holiday at Bijou Barn?  Then please get in touch, and we can organise your trip.  Maybe you want to know more about the area?  Then please sign up here to receive our pocket guide to holidays in South West France.

See you soon!


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