Brexit Proof Holidays: 7 Top Tips for Your French Summer Getaway

Brexit Proof your summer holiday

Whatever your views on Brexit, three things are certain. You’ll be tired of the incessant bickering and speculation, not to mention the possible disruption as new changes come into play. So, do Brexit Proof holidays exist in France for you this Summer?

It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on or even if you are perched precariously on the razor wire which divides them, you’ll be wondering about how your holiday plans maybe affected by the threat of Brexit.

Do you book somewhere in Europe or stay home in the UK?  Should you book now and carry on regardless, or do you wait for more news, risking currency dips and missing out on the best accommodation?

These questions are as tough as Brexit itself!  I wish I could give you all the answers…… well maybe I can address some of the dilemmas and how you can overcome them.

Can you Still have a Fantastic Holiday Abroad as Brexit Looms? 

Image by Bess Hamiti on Pixabay

Absolutely!  But it might be good to take a few precautions now.  Nothing major, just some ideas to get you thinking and making plans for your Brexit-proof holiday.

Here are 7 Top Tips:-

1. Consider Destinations Where You Can Travel by Car

If you can, try to avoid airports where there could be significant delays over which you have no control. Sadly airports have so many restrictions and laws that even events which are not connected to Brexit can bring the whole operation to a standstill….. drones, ash cloud – need I say more?

Image by Holgi on Pixabay

Of course there could be hold-ups if you travel by car as well.  However, speaking from experience (I was caught 200 km north of the arctic circle during the Iceland ash cloud), there is a feeling of having more options when you’re in your own transport.  Enjoy the fun of travelling by car.

Airports, when they run smoothly, are like a well oiled machine – efficiently delivering vast quantities of happy passengers to their holiday destinations.  However, one spanner can bring this transportation powerhouse to a grinding halt and no one wants to be wasting valuable holiday time waiting around for flights.

2. Pick Somewhere Rural for your Holiday

Brexit has brought so much uncertainty to so many, that the perfect place for your holiday escape could be in a more peaceful setting where you can just getaway from it all.  Why not experience the authenticity and culture of somewhere different but with a home from home feel?

Where your most pressing decision of the day will be what to have for lunch or what t shirt to wear…. you know, the really important stuff.

view from the back terrace at bijou barn
Image by Bijou Barn

3. Choose Self Catering Options with Great Facilities

If you go self-catered then not only do you save money but you also choose what you spend your money on.  Mix cooking at home and eating alfresco with being spoilt in the many local restaurants.  You can then allocate more of your budget to unique and memorable accommodation.

Spacious holiday homes with an air of luxury allow you the ultimate freedom to be together as a family and create wonderful memories. Of course the addition of long sunny days and a private pool can mean you don’t have to shell out on extra activities for the whole family too.

4. Choose Holiday Accommodation Where you can Pay in Sterling

If we have learned one thing from Brexit, it is that the pound fluctuates when uncertainty reigns. You can minimise the risk of currency changes by paying for your holiday rental in sterling.

Then look at multi currency pre paid cards for your spending money whilst abroad, so you know the rate of exchange and there aren’t going to be any unpleasant surprises on your next bank statement !

5. Book Early to Miss the Brexit Effect

Look around and take advantage of early bird savings and travel offers.  Enjoy having more choice of accommodation as there is nothing worse than seeing your dream holiday rental already fully booked and having to go with a second or third choice.

Have the added benefit of locking down the price of your holiday now to avoid any adverse changes in currency which holiday companies both large and small will be forced to pass on to customers.

6.  Avoid Mobile Roaming Charges – Choose Accommodation with Free Wifi

Recently we have enjoyed the elimination of roaming charges throughout Europe.  Unfortunately, with a no deal Brexit these fees could be re-instated.  Look for accommodation with free wifi, so everyone can benefit from accessing the internet when they need to, and stay in contact using Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp.

7. Check Your Paperwork 

We are entering a new phase in the world of travel so just keeping an eye on documents and policies is the best way of being prepared.  By giving everything the once over, you can protect yourself and your family.

Passport – check that your passport has at least 6 months on it at time of travel and keep it up to date with any changes in circumstance i.e. change of home address, ICE info.

Holiday Insurance – check the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you are covered for.  If you aren’t sure then contact your insurance company and get written confirmation from them about your policy and the effect of Brexit.

Driving Licence – A No deal Brexit means that UK driving licences may not be recognised in Europe – don’t worry it sounds much worse than it actually is!   All you need to do is purchase an international driving permit which costs £5.50 and can be bought in many post offices or from other companies such as the AA and RAC.

Can you Brexit Proof your Summer Holiday?

Brexit has caused divide, uncertainty and frustration. A very simple question was asked of a very complex problem so there will be no quick fixes.

No one knows exactly what will happen over the coming months but if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to sacrifice the things you love to do.  So don’t let anything come between you, your family and your precious summer holiday.

Image by FreddeBackham on Pixabay

If you book smart you can beat Brexit and have your best summer holiday ever, with family and friends.

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