You’ll Never be Bored at Bijou Barn: There’s So Much to Do

you won't be bored at Bijou Barn

Our philosophy at Bijou Barn is that the more we can give, the more choice you have to decide what you want to do.  Everyone has a different wish list when they are on holiday, so here’s what you can expect from our holiday rental in South West France.

Your own private swimming pool

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and looking out to see the shimmering turquoise water of your own pool beckoning.  Our pool with its sun-loungers is surrounded by trees, lavender bushes and a jasmin hedge to make a secluded private oasis of calm.


Anyone for table tennis?

table tennis at Bijou Barn

In the garden is the table tennis table, ready for those tournaments that you’ll remember for years to come.  If you can’t play, then now is the ideal time to learn – it’s so easy to pick up and it could be a sport you want to continue with when you get home.

Petanque – embrace the local game

play pétanque

You can’t come to France without trying this classic pastime, which is mildly addictive!  Petanque is an easy game to try and will bring ut the competitive spirit in everyone.  It’s fun yet relaxing…. a great way to spend some time before dinner.


the art of juggling

Oh yes you can escape to the Bijou Barn circus and learn the wonderful art of juggling.  We have classic juggling balls and also clubs for the more adventurous.  We even have a book to teach you how – you’ll be hooked in no time at all.

Spot the wildlife

hoopoe bird

Being in a rural location allows you to see wildlife in its own habitat, often from the comfort of the garden seating.  Watch out for deer in the nearby forest, hares on the quiet lanes, families of partridge and the unusual Hoopoe bird which can often be seen on the lawn of the front garden.  There are also many birds of prey such as Buzzards, Kestrels and Red Kites.


DVDs, CDs books and games 

There is a selection of DVDs, CDs, books and games.  Everything from comedy to classic films and drama box sets.  We leave a mixture of CDs and there are many books on a variety of topics if you just want some me-time.


Piano and Guitar

We love music and find it extremely relaxing.  So if you want to play the digital piano or acoustic guitar in the living room, then please do so.


The Bijou Barn information file when you want to explore

Bijou Barn File

There’s a very informative file telling you all about the house and what to do in the area.

We want your stay at Bijou Barn to be just perfect. Hopefully, the items we have mentioned, will help you get settled in.  Above all, we would like you feel at home in our home, for the duration of your stay.


Do You Want To Know More?

Why not get in touch if you have any questions?  Or you might want to get started by signing up to our FREE Guide on Holidays in South West France.


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