Perfect Holiday Rental for Couples: Does Bijou Barn Measure Up?


When you look for a summer holiday rental for couples in France, there is so much choice. Of course, you’ll narrow the search, but you’ll still have zillions of places to consider.

It won’t be long before you start to go holiday rental blind as all the swimming pools, outdoor terraces and stylish interiors merge into one!

So how do you make the best decision? How do you choose a holiday rental for couples?  

Often the easiest way is to think about what kind of summer getaway you want. What’s important to you? After all, holidays are incredibly unique and personal. It would help if you made sure that your next trip ticks all the boxes.  

At Bijou Barn, we’ve tried to think about who our holiday rental would be right for. So why don’t you read on to find out if we match up to what’s on your wish list?  

Like cosy spaciousness

When there’s only two of you, it’s essential to get the balance just right. We call it cosy spaciousness, and it describes that feeling of having plenty of room while being pleasantly cocooned in comfiness.

Crave a happy tranquility

Life is lived at a very paced pace these days, so where better to slow things down than when you’re on holiday. The peace of a rural location is bliss, especially with the option to dip into the hustle and bustle of the nearby villages and towns.

Love and we mean LOVE great wine.

Welcome to the world of Malbec wine. We are so lucky to be in a region with such gorgeous wineThe Best Wine Tasting Vineyards in SW France: Stay at Bijou Barn near Cahors rich in both taste, culture, and history. There is nothing better than visiting a nearby vineyard and buying locally produced wine to sip and savour during your trip.

Passionate about music, piano, guitar 

Music is a beautiful form of escape, relaxation, or as a trigger of memories. We play and listen to music regularly and want to share our music collection and some musical instruments with you to enjoy when you are on holiday.

On the hunt for wonderful eating experiences

You can’t come to France without embracing the wonder of french food. Whether you’re seeking inspiration in a local market or wanting that dream Michelin star menu, you’ll find both very nearby.

Want to let go of complicated and embrace simplicity

Even the strongest people have moments where they need to take some timeout to re-align their values and plans for the future. By being somewhere different, you can think straight, find solutions, and kiss goodbye to those tricky challenges.

Need an invisible concierge, so you’re in the know about what’s on 

Do you ever go on holiday only to find you have completely sussed out the destination by the time you’re leaving? If only you had someone nearby who could give you the low-down on what’s happening in the vicinity, so you don’t miss out on those must-do experiences and events. Well, we like to think of ourselves as your very own concierge.

Have time to do something new 

We firmly believe that when you are on holiday, you have a different mindset, which makes you more open to new things, ideas, and plans. So if you have ever wanted to try something new, then a holiday can be the perfect starting point. Maybe you want to exercise more, brush up on your piano or guitar skills, write a book….. seize the moment at Bijou Barn.

Soak up the alfresco life 

When you find yourself in a new destination where the weather is kind, you can embrace the outdoors more comfortably. Both cooking and eating outside are the norm in our part of the world.  Don’t worry, we know how lucky with are!

When you’re at Bijou Barn, you can also live off the land a little by using the vegetables we grow in our garden and the many herbs that you can pick freshly and add to your home-cooked dishes.  

Healthy heart with pool, pétanque and ping pong

When you are on holiday, it’s much easier to become more active as your days are more relaxed — swimming in the pool, playing pétanque in the garden or finding out how mildly addictive the game of ping pong is!

table tennis at Bijou Barn

Do You Have More Questions?

That’s fine. Just get in touch and let’s talk it over. Maybe you want a bit more time to explore the options, then take a look at our new Bijou Barn movie – it only takes a minute! Or, if you want to learn more about the area, do sign up for our FREE guide to the region and what you can expect when you visit.


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